Upcoming workshops

The EBSN 2021 workshop, 4th in the series, is funded by the H2020 Ebeam consortium and takes place from 13h to 18h CEST on June 14th & 15th .

You can find more information here: https://www.nanoge.org/EBSN2021/home

This workshop includes the following topics:

  1. High-resolution electron energy loss and gain spectroscopy including vibrational spectroscopy
  2. Photon-induced near-field electron microscopy (PINEM), shaping electron wavepackets in space and time
  3. Interaction of slow electrons with light and nanostructures beyond adiabatic approximations
  4. Quantum optics and quantum coherence with electron beams
  5. Ultrafast analytical electron microscopy to probe spatiotemporal dynamics on the nanoscale
  6. Ultra-sensitive material analysis using event-based detection of single electrons and photons, correlation and coincidence detection
  7. Programmable electron phase plates to tailor electron wave fronts, holography
  8. Ultrafast coherent and incoherent cathodoluminescence
  9. Novel instrument development for electron beams enhancing analytical microscopy
  10. Applications of electron beam spectroscopy in materials science for renewable energy, metrology, low-damage imaging sensitivity in life sciences, novel quantum sensing schemes

The deadline for abstract submission is April 30th.

Future workshops

  • eBEAM summer school 2022

Previous workshops

  • Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanophotonics (Paris 2019)
  • Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanophotonics (Sitges, 2017)
  • Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanophotonics (Amsterdam, 2014)